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DirectX — это набор API-функций, разработанных для решения задач, связанных с игровым и видеопрограммированием под Microsoft Windows. Наиболее широко используется при написании компьютерных игр.

Пакет средств разработки DirectX под Microsoft Windows бесплатно доступен на сайте Microsoft. Зачастую обновленные версии DirectX поставляются вместе с игровыми приложениями, так как DirectX API обновляется достаточно часто, и версия, включённая в ОС Windows, обычно является далеко не самой новой.


DirectX® 11, the next generation of graphics technology, arrives with Windows 7. This is great news for players as many of the newest Windows games will take full advantage of this technology to create more immersive and detailed worlds and experiences. Game developers will utilize new features to create rich worlds, realistic characters, and more fluid gameplay.

DirectX 11 features include:

  • Tessellation – Tessellation is implemented on the GPU to calculate a smoother curved surface resulting in more graphically detailed images, including more lifelike characters in the gaming worlds that you explore.

  • Multi-Threading – The ability to scale across multi-core CPUs will enable developers to take greater advantage of the power within multi-core CPUs. This results in faster framerates for games, while still supporting the increased visual detailing.

  • DirectCompute – Developers can utilize the power of discrete graphics cards to accelerate both gaming and non-gaming applications. This improves graphics, while also enabling players to accelerate everyday tasks, like video editing, on their Windows 7 PC.

While Windows 7 is fully compatible with games and hardware that use older versions of DirectX, the new DirectX 11 features are available with a DirectX 11 compatible graphics card and games designed to take advantage of this new technology.

ATI has DirectX 11 cards available today!
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