mp_backlot_fix 1.4

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mp_backlot с исправленными багами. Версия 1.4.

Список изменений

- Played with filmtweaks, the map should look like stock.
- Swapped attack & defense spawns the way promod likes them.

1.3 (Fixing the fix)
- Fixed missing sound when cars explode.
- Fixed the jump near defence spawn that isn't in mp_backlot

- Played with the portals again to see if I could help the fps from top apartments. Not sure if I can improve it more with the amazing view top apartments have.
- Added lights to A(ceiling).
- Renamed map to mp_backlot_fix

- Played with portals to see if I could help the fps any. Please let me know if you notice a difference in fps.
- Fixed some missing textures in A.
- Lights/Lamps are no longer in A.

About fixing other maps
Not having the source files for other maps, I would have to recreate the entire map just to fix a couple of bugs. I'd rather spend my time creating new maps.

About other bugs and jumps/climbs
I don't want to change backlot too much, for now I think fixing lights, missing textures, and fps is enough.
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Качаю , фпс гляну !
ого интересно. планируеться ли вндрение пофиксеной версии в массы?
Скрины фиксов в студию..) biggrin
#2 Ramzes, там убраны лайт баги
Теперь за атаку модельки сепаратистов, а морпехи - защита.
лучше бы за картами здания и вобще все за что нельзя выйти поубирали во имя святого фпс
> Fixed the jump near defence spawn that isn't in mp_backlot
Не совсем понял о чём он.
Фонарь на кроссе бы еще зафиксить ;(
#8 b0gdan0v, тогда весь экшн позиции пропадет
Всего комментариев: 9
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